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Welcome to mybux! Enjoy using our app whilst earning rewards.

Making your betting or trading experience a memorable one.

Whether you are making a purchase using mobile money or placing a bet at a mybux bookmaker or doing a quick trade, mybux is the safest way to transact.

With the mybux app you have instant access to all our bookmaker and brokers and you can monitor your winnings all on one screen. Betting and trading have never been this easy.

Easier to use than a credit card, safer than cash!!

Giving you more control over your spending with live statistics.

mybux is the easy-to-use, all-in-one app for all your betting and trading needs. Deposit credits into your wallet, buy a voucher, receive instant payouts from your favorite bookmaker or broker all in one app.

mybux, the only app where you can monitor your winnings and losses for all your favorite platforms on one screen.

mybux now on WhatsApp

BUY or DEPOSIT a voucher, get your BALANCE, or a list of your active VOUCHERS, even load funds into your mybux account - straight on WhatsApp!

And yes, we still dont share or request any personal or payment information when making a payment. Making us safer than any other payment method around.

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Why Choose Us

mybux is safe and secure, and NO payment data will be stored.

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