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Buy your mybux using Mobile Money. Its secure, and NO payment data will be stored.


Cash Out mybux

Deposit your mybux voucher into mobile money account. This happens instantly!

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Accidentally lost your mybux email, or did not receive it. Lets resend it!


Buy mybux

Buy your mybux using Mobile Money. Its secure, and NO payment data will be stored.

Step 1

Enter your name and surname. Your name will be used for validation and added security

Step 2

Enter your mobile number. Your voucher will be linked to the mobile number provided. Enter the number in international format. E.g: +2507....

Step 3

Enter your email address. Your voucher details will be delivered to the email address provided.

Step 4

Enter the voucher value. This is the value you would like to load onto your voucher.

Cash Out your mybux voucher

Deposit your mybux voucher into your Mobile Money account:This happens instantly!
Or to your South African Bank Account:This takes up to 2 working days.

Step 1

Enter your mybux voucher number received via email, your mobile number linked to the voucher, Your name and surname and the voucher value.

Step 2

The Mobile Money account linked to your mobile number will be credited with the voucher value MINUS the transaction fees. In South Africa, you need to enter your bank account details. Please note that bank transfers in South Africa can take up to 2 Working Days.

Millions of vouchers sold monthly in Africa.

Resend your mybux voucher emails

Did you not receive your mybux voucher emails? No problem, provide the following information and we will resend it.

Step 1

Enter your email address and mobile number as used when your bought the voucher.

Step 2

All active vouchers found linked to your account will be resent to your email. They can also be found in the mybux mobile app.

mybux is a first of kind international voucher program.

mybux gives you instant access to all our bookmakers and brokers and you can monitor your winnings all in one app.

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